Journalism is best when pursued with purpose. It is easy to take stances against small problems, but we want to tackle the San Diego region’s big problems. When we do that, reporters and editors should be clear about what they’re trying to achieve.

Voice of San Diego’s staff and trustees adopted this list of shared values to help illuminate what we’re pursuing and give reporters the mandate to pursue them aggressively and without regard for access to power, authority or favor. We seek:

  • Government that is accessible, transparent and accountable.
  • A well-informed community ready to participate in civic affairs.
  • High-quality government agencies that are just, efficient, and representative of the diverse communities they serve.
  • High-quality education for all.
  • Accessible and affordable housing for all.
  • World-class infrastructure that supports a high quality of life and safety for residents.
  • An economy that supports innovation, entrepreneurship and a high standard of living.
  • A community that embraces robust, diverse and inclusive arts and culture.
  • A clean environment and healthy ecosystem.
  • Solutions for long-term societal challenges, including climate change and water and energy supply.
  • Non-governmental institutions that operate with integrity.

As a nonprofit, we are obligated to pursue a mission. Our mission and our values help us keep our focus on the issues and challenges that will define the San Diego region for decades.

Voice of San Diego’s Mission:

Investigative journalism for a better San Diego.

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