Journalism is best when pursued with purpose. It is easy to take stances against small problems but we want to tackle San Diego’s big problems. When we do that, reporters and editors should be clear about what they’re trying to achieve.

Voice of San Diego’s staff and trustees adopted this list of shared values to help illuminate what we’re pursuing and give reporters the mandate to pursue them aggressively and irreverently.

We pressure leaders to solve widely accepted problems and local challenges. To evaluate what those are, we offer this template of our values and concerns.

We seek:

  • Government transparency, open meetings and accountability.
  • A well-informed, well-educated community ready to participate in civic affairs.
  • Government agencies that are just, efficient and excellent.
  • High quality education for all children.
  • Quality housing that is affordable to all residents.
  • World class infrastructure that supports free enterprise and job creation.
  • A robust and inclusive arts and culture scene.
  • A clean environment, healthy ecosystem
  • Preparations for the long-term challenges of drought, energy supply and climate change.

As a nonprofit, we are obligated to pursue a mission, not deliver returns to investors, who might earn more if writers chased quarterback controversies or salacious criminal mysteries. Our mission and our values help us keep our focus on the issues and challenges that will define San Diego for decades.

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