Scott Lewis, CEO/Editor in Chief

Scott makes sure the journalists have jobs and that the editors what they need to provide San Diegans with the best journalism possible. He also co-hosts the most popular public affairs podcast recorded in downtown San Diego (the Voice of San Diego Podcast) and collaborates on the weekly Politics Report along with his own occasional investigative reporting and analysis.

Email: scott.lewis@voiceofsandiego.org
Twitter: @vosdscott
Facebook: scottmlewis

Julianne Markow, Chief Operating Officer

Julianne manages the business side of Voice, ensuring that the organization has the resources and support structures necessary for continued growth and success. She brings more than 25 years of corporate and not-for-profit management experience to VOSD.

Email: julianne@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 550-5673

Andrew Keatts, Managing Editor, Projects and Investigations

Andrew sees land use coverage as a way to make sense of the complex land-use decisions governments make while explaining how those decisions affect the daily lives of San Diegans.

Email: andrew.keatts@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 325-0529
Twitter: @andy_keatts

Andrea Lopez-Villafaña, Managing Editor, Daily News

Andrea oversees the production of daily news stories for Voice of San Diego. She welcomes conversations about San Diego’s communities and untold stories.

Email: andrea.lopez@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 325-0526
Twitter: @andrealopezvil


Erica Connell

Erica Connell manages major giving, grants, and development planning at Voice of San Diego. She welcomes conversations about how you can further the outstanding work of Voice.

Email: erica.connell@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 550-5670

Ariana Drehsler, Multimedia Journalist

Ariana is Voice of San Diego’s visual journalist.

Email: ariana.drehsler@voiceofsandiego.org
Twitter: @adrehsler

MacKenzie Elmer, Reporter

MacKenzie writes about science, environment and energy for Voice of San Diego. Send her a tip, story idea or question.

Email: mackenzie.elmer@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (515) 229-8589
Twitter: @mckelmer
Instagram: @journomack

Ana Gomez, Business Manager

Ana assists with the administrative and membership support of Voice, ensuring that all member questions and concerns are addressed. She brings over 12 years of experience in executive administration and not-for-profit experience to VOSD.

Email: ana.gomez@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 325-0525

Lisa Halverstadt, Senior Investigative Reporter

Lisa writes about San Diego city and county governments. She welcomes story tips and questions.

Email: lisa.halverstadt@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 325-0528
Twitter: @LisaHalverstadt

Will Huntsberry, Senior Investigative Reporter

Will Huntsberry investigates corruption and mismanagement in public institutions. He has also written extensively about education and COVID-19.

Email: will.huntsberry@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 693-6249
Twitter: @willhunstberry

Read Will Huntsberry’s latest stories here.

Nate John, Digital Manager

Nate John is Voice of San Diego’s digital manager. He oversees the website, newsletters and podcasts.

Email: nate.john@voiceofsandiego.org
Twitter: @natejohn

Tigist Layne, Reporter

Tigist Layne is Voice of San Diego’s North County Reporter. She is a graduate of Point Loma Nazarene University and has previously worked for The Coast News, San Diego CityBeat and San Diego Magazine.

Email: tigist.layne@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 800-8453
Twitter: @tigistlayne

Jesse Marx, Associate Editor

Jesse is Voice of San Diego’s associate editor. He reports on the San Diego metro and oversees the internship program.

Email: jesse.marx@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 550-5663
Twitter: @marxjesse

Jakob McWhinney, Reporter

Jakob is Voice of San Diego’s education reporter.

Email: jakob.mcwhinney@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 786-4418
Twitter: @jakobmcwhinney

Ashley Rodriguez, Director of Development

Ashley Rodriguez manages grants, advertising, events and community partnerships. She has a deep love for San Diego and is eager to partner with members of the community to highlight their work on Voice of San Diego.

Email: ashley.rodriguez@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 550-5664
Twitter: AshleyR_SD

Megan Wood, Director of Marketing

Megan is Voice of San Diego’s marketing director. She is responsible for producing and overseeing content that extends the reach of the organization.

Email: megan.wood@voiceofsandiego.org
Phone: (619) 550-5668
Twitter: @megnwd