Mobile Homeowners at Risk of Eviction Petition Imperial Beach for Help

When Rachel Orozco moved to the Miramar Imperial Beach Mobile Home and RV Park more than a year ago, she considered herself lucky. Her family lived nearby and the rent was cheap.   The nearly five-acre piece of land, a mere half-mile from the Pacific Ocean, is home to about 100 people, most of whom live…

Fast Food Worker Bill Moves Forward

This post originally appeared in the June 29 Morning Report. Get the daily newsletter in your inbox here. A bill to establish a fast-food sector council in California passed another hurdle on Tuesday, clearing the Senate Judiciary Committee. The original iteration of AB 257 was introduced by Lorena Gonzalez before she left the Assembly. She…

Workers Rage Against the ‘Modern Food Machine’

San Diego labor has seen a burst of energy over the last year as workers in several sectors climb out of the pandemic. That’s much harder to do in the fast food industry, where both the grub and the bodies are cheap, but more than a dozen people got arrested last week to raise awareness…

Tourism Workers Come Out of Pandemic Swinging

The workforce and union leaders are capitalizing on a tight labor market to make new demands and drawing energy from a younger, more diverse base, as well as their allies in elected office.

The Toll That Comes With an Eviction: ‘My Life Went Downhill From There’

A former sergeant claims his bosses played politics with evictions, picking and choosing which ones to prioritize. Because the Sheriff’s Department has some discretion over when to press ahead with a lockout, the documentation he’s shared with reporters offers a window into a process we don’t often see.

How Government Failure Has Nurtured Voter Apathy

In a special election last week, just 13 percent of voting-age citizens cast a ballot. Nearly two dozen Barrio Logan residents offer a simple explanation: they didn’t think it would matter.


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