The Voice Poll, by Voice of San Diego

We’ve commissioned a scientific poll to give us a sampling of public opinion that measures trust in local institutions, issues and public officials. The poll questions help VOSD reporters accurately represent the community and conduct long-term analyses for you, our readers.

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San Diegans Are Worried, But They Have Not Lost Trust

As we process the Election Night results, we wanted San Diego residents to have a baseline – a benchmark reflection of where San Diegans stand on challenges from schools to the border to the crisis in trust between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

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Voice Poll: Lawson-Remer Holds Major Lead in District 3 Supervisor Race

Forty-two percent of likely voters said they would vote for Democrat Terra Lawson-Remer or were leaning toward her. By contrast, 31 percent of likely voters said the same about incumbent Supervisor Kristin Gaspar. But a huge swath – 27 percent – remains undecided.

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VOSD Poll Reveals Tight Mayoral Race; Messy Post-GOP Future for Dems

Likely voters have sorted themselves along a recognizable political spectrum, with Assemblyman Todd Gloria building a coalition with left-leaning voters and Councilwoman Barbara Bry collecting everything to its right. Political observers think the dynamic is a bit more complicated.

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Voice Poll: More County Residents Support Reallocating Police Funding Than Don’t

Though the poll suggests the public is open to efforts to reallocate funding away from policing, officials at all level of government have expressed a wariness – or outright hostility – to doing so.

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Most Residents Agree Housing Issues Are Dire But Consensus on Solutions Is Elusive

The Voice Poll reveals 80 percent of county residents believe the cost of housing and rent are extremely or very serious problems. Whether that means city voters will approve Measures A and E, proposals meant to tackle the crisis, is less clear.

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