Senior Investigative Reporter

Will Huntsberry investigates corruption and mismanagement in public institutions. He has also written extensively about education and COVID-19. Contact him with tips about fraud, waste, injustice, and inequality in San Diego.

Phone: (619) 693-6249
Twitter: @willhunstberry



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Get To Know Will Huntsberry

Background and Coverage

I’ll give you the tl/dr version of my history — I grew up in North Carolina, and, if you can believe it, began my journalism career in broadcast news. I spent some time at the Raleigh Public Record and NPR before making my way to San Diego in 2018. I knew I wanted to focus on reporting that has an impact, and that’s what we do here at Voice of San Diego.

What Makes a Good Story

The topics that interest me most are storylines that unfold over weeks, months or even longer.

Everyone has a different definition for what makes a good story, but for me it’s something that will capture people’s attention. It might have an aspect of mismanagement or corruption. Or it might simply be clear explanations and investigations of topics that we still don’t understand, like the skyrocketing cost of university.

Get in Touch

I’m always looking for new tips and ideas from the community. I can be reached at (619) 693-6249 or

Readers can send me a DM on Twitter — that’s also where you’ll find details on how to contact me via Signal, a more secure messaging platform.