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June Primary ballots went out this week. And you know what that means: It’s mailer season!

Political mailers are a staple of this special time of year. They take many forms and are full of everything; sometimes they are mundane, or misleading, and often festooned with photoshopped stock images. They are made to sway voters. And sometimes they are just too good to let sweep away by the sands of time.

This week on the podcast, hosts Scott Lewis, Andrew Keatts and Andrea Lopez-Villafaña talked about some of the mailers hitting voters for the Chula Vista mayoral race. Plus: What the voters really want.

On the show, Lopez-Villafaña recapped her recent reporting of the South County contest and some of the lingering problems Chula Vista residents are sick of — a long-awaited university, bay access projects, reliable fire and police staff, business retention.

It’s one of the biggest races on the primary ballot. Along with…

Sheriff’s Race

For the first time in decades, the San Diego Sheriff’s race is an open contest.

For at least 50 years, Republicans have dominated this position — one of the most influential in the county. It has been rare that a race was competitive. Another novel feature for this election is the prospect that the new Sheriff may be a Democrat.

This week, our hosts broke down recent reporting by Voice’s Jesse Marx on the race for top cop and how the three lead candidates are distinguishing themselves at a moment when the region, and law enforcement, are changing.

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Brews & News is Back!

Our first live podcast in a long time is on the books: June 9 at Novo Brazil Brewing in Chula Vista.

Lewis, Keatts and Lopez-Villafaña are going to bring in special guests and discuss Primary Election and the current state of South County politics.

Get the details and sign up here.

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  1. Always remember, despite what voters disagree, they always follow the money, endorsements as Johns in a high stakes game of political prostitution. Dan Smiechowski SDCC D2 candidate

  2. A Very Sad Chapter of Personal Hurt in San Diego Politics
    My fellow citizens, this is Daniel Smiechowski a 56-year resident of Bay Ho and Western Hills in Clairemont. I speak to you in truth without prejudice. I am a candidate for District 2 of the San Diego City Council. Put away the notion of two sides to a story as this story is of a personal political wrong with no defense.
    The incumbent City Council Member in this District is Jen Campbell who coincidentally resides in Clairemont and is endorsed by the Clairemont Democratic Club. Despite my God fearing Family, and Polish Father who owned five homes in Clairemont over fifty years ago, my mother a local college professor and myself having attended local schools in good standing with a myriad of public service, the Clairemont Democratic Club refused to allow me into their meeting.
    This is undemocratic and as a candidate for public office in San Diego, I am both aghast and appalled at the absence of humanity, common sense and decency exercised by my political party of over 50 years. What happened to our common decency? I remain however undeterred at this social and political wrong and vow to never ever capitulate to an act contrary to the American ideal. I am sincerely, Daniel Smiechowski Candidate for San Diego City Council.

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