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It’s not something you expect to hear: A congressional representative from San Diego saying maybe the Navy has too many ships and maybe the defense department’s budget is too big. But that’s something Congresswoman Sara Jacobs will gladly discuss.

As she enters her second term, Jacobs has transitioned from rookie to leadership. The new Congress also brings her new constituents. Through the redistricting process, she now serves a different chunk of San Diego with a different district number (she’s representing the 51st Congressional District in California).  

On a rainy Tuesday, she and I got together to talk about her first two years in Congress and her efforts to establish herself as a progressive national leader. We talked about the defense budget, the fascinating battle for Speaker of the House and some wonky nuts and bolts of how Congress works.

This is part of a series of in-depth interviews I have done for the podcast recently. I did a sort of exit interview with former Councilman Chris Cate, a deep dive with elite softball pitcher Maggie Balint into the world of high stakes college athletics and a very moving interview with Levi Giafaglione, a formerly homeless man who now works with the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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  1. Good convo. I applaud Rep. Jacobs for questioning the longstanding “pork barrel” funding of military spending not because the ship, plane, tank, etc. is needed but because defense contractors profit from it. I was disappointed at the end of this interview to hear Rep. Jacobs lament that there isn’t much the Federal Govt can do about ending homelessness. If it redirected just 10% of the increase in the Defense Dept budget this year, that could fund 12 yrs of San Diego’s needs to end homelessness! If it INCREASED Social Security retirement & disability benefits, that would keep many Seniors & disabled residents housed & enable those made homeless to sustain being re-housed. If it changed the way homelessness funding is allocated from the annual Point-in-Time-Count, notoriously known to be an undercount, to people receiving homeless services (in SD County, over 3 times the 2022 PITC), the funding would be more responsive to the need. If it repurposed vacant Federal buildings/lands to Very Low & Low Income housing, such as the long vacant barracks at the Naval Base adjacent to the San Diego Airport, this could help meet the desperate need for such housing. Just a few suggestions.

    1. Join the military. Get self discipline and leadership skills. Get out, find your job and use your Federal benefits such as a VA home loan. Simple solutions for staying focused and out of the streets. Positive mental health is key. Stay motivated, for his glory. 🙏

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