Redrawing San Diego’s Political Map

Reporting by Maya Srikrishnan | Maps by Cam Rodriguez

This once-a-decade process, which occurs right after the U.S. Census, redraws San Diego’s political maps based on population changes.

In this series, Voice of San Diego explores the debates and discussions happening around 2021 redistricting – which communities want to stay together, what communities value and what that says about who they want to be voting with when they vote for their congressional representative, city councilmember, county supervisor and more.

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The population of San Diego County has shifted and changed over the past 30 years.

This map shows the distribution of Black residents throughout the county by Census tract between 1990 and 2020, with data sourced from IPUMS/NHGIS and Census population reports. Graphic by Cam Rodriguez.

San Diego 101

Every 10 years, cities and municipalities redraw their political boundaries, which has a major impact on elections and representation.

From VOSD’s San Diego 101 project, this video (available with Spanish captions) and podcast explain what happened in San Diego during the last redistricting process. We’ll also break down how the process works, why we do it, how it could affect San Diego in 2021 and how residents get involved.

San Diego 101 is a video and podcast series made to educate San Diegans about the most important issues that shape our region.

YouTube video
YouTube video