How did you get involved in local government?

Here’s how you can share your stories and experiences with the Voice of San Diego team.

Tell us how you got involved in local government — as an elected official or a citizen — and we may use your voice in an upcoming podcast series.

Start out with your name and where you live. “Hi, I’m Jane Smith and I live in North Park…”

1. Call us 

Leave the VOSD team a voicemail at our Google Voice number: (619) 354-1085

2. Send a voice memo

Record a voice memo on your phone and send it to: or (619) 354-1085

3. Send a video

Shoot a video on your phone and send it to: 

4. Post a video

Record a video and tag us on social media: @voiceofsandiego on Twitter / Facebook / Instagram  

5. Email us

Send us an email containing your story — or we can set up a time to chat. Compose a message with the subject line My Origin Story to