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January 4, 2005 | (Re: City Slogan is Fine, letter to the editor) Is Bruce Nunes living on the same planet as the rest of us? First of all, even in the best of circumstances, “America’s Finest City” is a ridiculous slogan. Who in his right mind goes around trumpeting something so outrageous?

Would you say, “I’m America’s finest person”? Not unless you were an idiot. Honors like that are applied by others, not appropriated by the “honoree.” Second, in San Diego’s case, wrapping ourselves with the mantle of greatness is all the more unrealistic.

Little San Diego, who most Americans know only because of the weather has received extensive coverage of its deepening problems (the worst is yet to come, folks). It really is known to people everywhere as “Enron by the Sea.” I’m a native. I love San Diego as a place, but our city government is nothing of which to be proud.

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