Friday, June 2, 2006 | Re: “Ambivalent Airport Chorus Grows,” June 1

The bottom line is that proponents of airport relocation have failed, for decades, to make their case. I don’t know anyone who will ever be negatively impacted by the size and location of our current airport. Not one single person. Ever.

The Miramar option is a joke. There’s virtually no other place in the county with worse freeway access. Have any of these planners ever traveled anywhere near the 52 or the 15 on a weekday?

Developers and real estate speculators are the only two groups who can benefit from moving our airport from its current location. And haven’t they already done enough to enhance our quality of life?

I’m not saying they’re bad guys. I’m just saying they have a lot to gain, and everyone else in the county has one hell of a lot to lose. It’s no wonder county supervisors aren’t lining up to support the Miramar option.

Want economic development? Try utilizing our outstanding natural harbor.

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