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Tuesday, June 13, 2006 | Keith Taylor’s article about “Wild” Bill Sumpter is an excellent tribute to a genuine hero. Never-the-less, I must protest on behalf of the PBY Catalina and object to the unkind description of that beautiful, old bird. We have two of them in flying status here in Miami. They are beautiful, elegant, and graceful. An apology to the venerable old bird is demanded!

I flew the PBY at FAETUPAC from NAS North Island in Coronado in 1953. The briefing was, climb at 90, cruise at 90, land at 90, live to be 90. While I do not wish to take anything away from a genuine hero like “Wild” Bill, the claim that he got it up to 110, even downhill, is very likely a slight exaggeration. Still, a great story about a great guy!

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