Friday, June 30, 2006 | I am a homeowner in Tierrasanta, and all I see is increased noise and traffic for a larger part of San Diego’s population.

First off, I don’t mind the sound of freedom, but I’ll be damned if I have to endure both the sound of freedom and commercial traffic. If the Airport Authority gets its way, central San Diego will have to deal with the increased traffic caused by the construction of the new freeway and airport traffic once the airport is complete. Also, if the Airport Authority gets its way, it will force Miramar to us a more southern runway. Basically central San Diego loses so the wealthier people in Point Loma have a more peaceful environment. I am certain the folks in La Jolla and UTC will have something to say about that. What I don’t understand is why they only give us one option on the November ballot? From what very little information I have in regards to the fiscal responsibilities, I still see South County near Brown Airfield as the best option. Very few people are impacted by noise pollution. The only hardship in the matter would be the drive for some folks from North County. I do realize traffic problems already exist due to the border. Last but not least, I think we need to do our utmost to work with the military and keep them in San Diego. According to Angela Shafer-Payne “things change,” true, but that doesn’t mean change is always good. The people of central San Diego should be enraged by the matter and should do everything in their power to stop the idea of a commercial airport in Miramar from becoming a reality. Let the signs fly in protest!

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