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Tuesday, July 11, 2006 | Re: “Cross-Border Air Revival

Doesn’t this story’s tidbit of news tell it all: The Airport Authority is just another money sucking leech on the taxpayer’s back and local political scene (a la the Kroll krooksters). Who pays for this idiocy, $200,000 for another study? Isn’t the study going to say what Ms. Gompper-Graves just “hinted”: That another nearby airfield might help out our plight while the Miramar plan is studied some more too?

Wake up San Diego (and Tijuana). Let’s not allow more of our taxes be spent on spending more of our taxes. Millions have been squandered and the only result is proof that the authority is not an authority and doesn’t have the capacity to put forth a credible decision. The only certain measurable result in the last 20+ years regarding our airport futures is how much money we’ve thrown away.

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