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Thursday, Aug. 10, 2006 | While the Kroll report was a massive undertaking and refocused attention on the city’s problems, a few early conclusions are quite evident:

(1) The problems really started with MP1, under the Susan Golding era, a Republican, worsened under Dick Murphy (MP2), a Republican, and haven’t been fixed thus far (per Kroll) and no plan laid out to do so under Jerry Sanders, a Republican. Get the connection? They can’t manage and don’t trust them with your money.

(2) The report basically validated Mike Aguirre’s ten reports. Why did we spend $20 million on Kroll for things we already knew?

(3) An elected city CFO/comptroller/auditor is needed, independent of the politicians, and free to act in the interest of the people.

(4) Jerry Sanders’s pension obligation bonds “plan” is not wise and shifts the problem to future generations, and lets the politicians and unions off the hook.

(5) Sweeping new management and direction is needed on the council.

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