The Washington Post reported today that two top Defense Department officials with ties to the Randy “Duke” Cunningham bribery scandal have tendered their resignations.

David A. Burtt II and Joseph Hefferon work for Counterintelligence Field Activity, a Defense Department intelligence agency known as CIFA that was “originally established in 2002 to coordinate policy and oversee the counterintelligence activities of units within the armed services and Pentagon,” according to the Washington Post. CIFA has since grown and “focused primarily on protecting defense facilities and personnel from terrorist attacks.”

Burtt is CIFA’s director and Hefferon is its deputy director. Due to the nature of its work, CIFA’s budget is classified.

The Pentagon and federal prosecutors are investigating contracts issued by the agency, based on congressional earmarks, to MZM Inc, according to the Washington Post.

Cunningham was convicted last year of accepting millions in bribes while using earmarks to direct millions more in government contacts to companies owned by his patrons.

In February, Mitchell Wade, founder of MZM Inc., pled guilty to bribing Cunningham.


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