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Monday, Aug. 14, 2006 | I’ve waited a few days to write voiceofsandiego.org to express my concern and upset over the performance of Arthur Levitt before our City Council and mayor this last week.

I watched Mike Aguirre ask his first question of Levitt, and watched in dismay as Levitt proceeded to lambaste our city attorney, and not answer the question. Since when can a consultant, or anyone for that matter, be so disrespectful of an elected office of this city? And why didn’t Scott Peters, or even Mayor Sanders step to the mike and tell Levitt he was way off base?

Whether you like Mike Aguirre or not, is not the question. The point is that no consultant, no outsider can badmouth any of our elected officials. Arthur Levitt – a man of exceedingly bad taste and poor manners. Scott Peters – a man who cannot recognize right from wrong, and right from rude.

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