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In one of my posts below I talked about the efficiency and friendliness of the mayor’s media apparatus.

Then, bam. Reader CS comes in with a great question:

You mentioned that the mayor’s office is handling the media and its requests well. How many people work in that area in the mayor’s office? Who are they?

Also, do you know how many people he has on his policy staff? Who are they?

So, I made a phone call.

Here’s the policy staff:

  • Julie Dubick, director of policy
  • Lisa Briggs
  • Jaymie Bradford

And here’s the media staff:

  • Fred Sainz, press secretary
  • Eileen Brennan, deputy press secretary
  • George Biagi, deputy press secretary
  • Bill Harris, deputy press secretary
  • Kevin Klein, press assistant

Scoreboard says: Press 5, Policy 3.

Reader CS, you rule. No wonder they do so well with the media. At least if there’s a policy problem, there will be plenty of people around to spin it the right way.

Readers, I am at your direct service for another few hours. Please let me know what you want to know.


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