Upon reading about the rumor that I was positioning myself for a job at the U-T in my last post, a reader wrote me the following:

You’ll need a different hair style.

That leads me perfectly into my next post:

So I’m watching the Padres game last night, and I see a new (at least to me) ad from motorcycle man Mike Shelby.

It was pretty cool. The set up: America’s losing its freedoms. There’s no more diving boards in swimming pools (I didn’t know that. I guess I haven’t been to a pool in a while. I’m upset.).

The kicker: “Helmet laws suck,” Shelby says.

And then he said something I liked: If you disagree with him, come on down to the Harley shop and we’ll talk it out. It was a pleasant thing to hear.

You’ll recall Mike ran for mayor last year. I can’t say I got to know him, but I spent some time with him. I don’t recommend disagreeing with him.

He referred to me once as “that guy” with a “crew cut.” (For the record: I disagree. I don’t have a crew cut. I have short hair. But not a crew cut. I haven’t had a crew cut since JV basketball.)

(Go to the “crew cut” entry in Wikipedia. It’s fantastic. Also, I just discovered there’s also a CrewCut magazine.)

I can’t imagine being a reporter before the Internet.


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