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We at sent a public records request to the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority on July 19. We were looking for invoices for work performed by the authority’s PR consultants: GCS Public Relations, New West Public Relations and Winstead & Co.

We wanted invoices for April, May and June.

Twelve days after the request was sent, we received invoices from April – but not the other two months.

According to a letter from Deputy Authority Clerk Maritza C. Steele: “To date, we have not received invoices for May or June from any of the consultants.”

But a recently obtained copy of May’s invoices show they were received by the authority on June 15 – that’s more than a month before we asked for them. The date is stamped on the first page of the $70,237.25 invoice.

The date isn’t stamped on June’s invoices. But if they followed the same schedule, they would have been delivered to the authority on July 15 – four days before our records request.

How did this happen? We’re waiting on an answer from the airport authority.


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