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Friday, Aug. 25, 2006 | “Who you gonna believe, me or your lyin’ eyes?” That old gag comes to mind whenever I drive by Lindbergh Field, see the lack of planes lined up for takeoff and think of the rhetoric coming out of the airport authority. As an 18 year resident, I’ve flown in and out of Lindbergh numerous times, and my observation is that it’s less congested than most. Yeah, ground traffic is sometimes a problem, but that’s fixable at the present site. Check in, in the age of terrorism, is a nightmare everywhere. But runway capacity? No chance.

If we are reaching maximum by 2020 as the airport authority claims, wouldn’t we be seeing some symptoms of increasing waits in line to take off? What do I know? I’m just a passenger, but I think the city would be better served by disbanding the airport authority, returning Lindbergh to the Port Authority, and accepting the obvious: San Diego is a cul de sac that will never be a significant departure point with LAX so near.

So what? We have plenty to offer the world without a new airport, including the most convenient airport location in the country. The big egos downtown should forget their dream of developing the airport land. The military is doing us a big financial favor by refusing to share Miramar. As for the single runway, I say “so what” again. If we had San Francisco weather, it might be a factor, but it’s almost always clear here. How many runways does Heathrow have?

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