We got a press release Aug. 24 from the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce listing out its stances on a number of local and national issues. Among the endorsements the Chamber announced was its “SUPPORT” for Senate Bill 2611. That’s the comprehensive immigration reform bill that provides a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

I found that interesting and in my column today, I pointed out that it was a bold move for an organization not known to take controversial stances. And I noted that the endorsement puts the chamber at odds with people like U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray. I said I was not at all surprised that they did it given the bill’s logic for the business community.

Turns out, I should have been more surprised than I was.

The chamber’s public relations folks now say that it actually decided to endorse only a specific amendment to the bill that applies to highly skilled foreign workers. Contrary to their press release, the chamber has apparently not decided on the immigration bill as a whole.


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