This is interesting. The mayor apparently decided that former City Treasurer Conny Jamison isn’t fit to serve any longer on the board of the city’s quasi-independent technology provider because she was named as having breached her fiduciary duty when she sat on the board of the city’s pension system.

OK, makes sense I suppose, if you’ve done that on one board, you might not be best suited to sit on another important board. But why is the same standard not applied to the City Council? I realize the mayor doesn’t have the power over the City Council that he has over the Data Processing Corp, but the mayor has not called for the City Council members named in the Kroll report to step down from the most important governing body in the city even though they were found to have been negligent and all but one “knowingly and improperly” violated the law.

Not only does the mayor tolerate them, he’s treating them as partners in reform. The mayor invited Council President Scott Peters to share the stage with him Thursday when he announced his big accounting reforms.

Why are staff members expected to have lived up to so much higher standards than elected city officials?


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