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The U.S. Senate is scheduled to talk about the border fence this week, according to the Associated Press.

The House of Representatives approved a 700-mile stretch of border fence last week. It’s the second time the House has signed off on the border barricade.

Forty-four miles of San Diego County’s 66-mile border with Mexico currently have some type of fencing. The House’s proposed fence would add 22 miles of football-field wide fencing here near Tecate. Four other portions would be built along the border; the largest would stretch 361 miles from Calexico to Douglas, Ariz.

The question facing the Senate, which approved 370 miles of fencing in the spring, only to see the immigration debate sputter, is whether the fence will be considered separately from larger immigration reforms. Many had seen the fence as a concession that senators were willing to make in return for approval of initiatives such as guest-worker programs.

The AP says Democrats in the Senate may try to block the fence by re-attaching their immigration proposals to fence legislation.

Here’s a link to the AP’s coverage.

And here’s what we’ve written about the fence.


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