So, we know a couple things about former Congressman Mark “Do I make you horny?” Foley. For one, we know excruciating details about the methods Foley used to pleasure himself. And two, that he and one of his young friends met up in San Diego a while back.

It got me thinking: I wonder where the lovebirds went while in town. Judging from the recollections of one male page, Foley liked the idea of going to get ice-cream (what better place to take little kids?), so I’m thinking they went to the Moo Time Creamery in Hillcrest before it became a Hawaiian barbecue joint. After all, the ice-cream there is “moolicious.” Beforehand, I’ll bet they went to Hamburger Mary’s for a bite to eat, and afterward, Foley probably took his teen companion to Buffalo Exchange and bought him a cute new outfit.

Or maybe they went to Legoland


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