A scooplet confirmed: Steve Cushman, the auto magnate, is seeking an exemption to the limits that keep people from serving more than two terms on the port commission. Cushman would like to stay on the commission even though his term is about to expire Jan. 2.

Cushman has been on the board since 1997. A source inside City Hall said Cushman had been pressing the mayor and City Council to let him serve again even though it’s city policy to limit terms to two. The source said the mayor was reluctant to support Cushman’s effort.

I’m trying to get official comment from the Mayor’s Office on this.

The mayor doesn’t have ultimate say on this. In fact, it’s not too clear what say he does have. The city of San Diego appoints its representative on the port commission by a vote of the City Council. It would seem unlikely for the City Council to take a stand against whatever the mayor wished for the position, however.

Some other names have been floated for the coveted port spot, including Peter Q. Davis, who I’ve also got a call into.

I’ll let you know what they say.


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