Tom Shepard, the consultant who is running the campaigns for Proposition B and C, said not a single one of the electronic voting machines were functioning this morning at the Del Mar precinct where he votes.

He said the crew of poll workers were scrambling to hand voters paper ballots but that they were close to running out. He asked what they would do if they ran out. The poll worker apparently responded simply, “I don’t know.”


Shepard had more. He said that, based on totals released from the county, the number cruncher Job Nelson, who works for Shepard, has projected that absentee ballots will make up between 40 percent and 44 percent of the ballots cast in the county. Shepard has been an aficionado for some time now of so-called absentee “ballot chasing” – the campaign tactic of timing mailers and communications to coincide with the delivery of these mail-in ballots to voters.

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