An interesting story today in the Los Angeles Times about that triangular building called “R3” in downtown San Diego near Grape and India streets. The house was built by architect Lloyd Russell, who took home a prize in the American Institute of Architects’ annual design competition this August.

The lot where Russell built the house is directly under the landing path for airplanes arriving at Lindbergh Field. The lot is also juxtaposed with Interstate 5. One sound engineer calls the plot the “noisiest site in San Diego.”

Russell commissioned a report from sound engineers before he built the house, and the challenges only got louder:

According to their report, the planes overhead would ratchet the noise to 78 decibels on the second floor, envisioned as the main living area. That’s similar to what one would hear while standing about 35 yards from a freight train and more than 70% higher than the standard for residential buildings set by the state, Russell says.


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