The Taxpayers Association has been involved in discussion and debate regarding the main library since 1996 – that’s right; it’s been 10 long years.

It’s time for Mayor Jerry Sanders to show his leadership on this issue so that we can begin having an honest, realistic dialogue about the future of the downtown central library.

It would be foolish to believe that there is no cost to “ignoring” the issue. And it would be fiscally irresponsible to continue to do so.

According to the FY 07 budget, over $9.3 million has been expended or encumbered to date on the main library project. Millions have been spent on contracts for architecture firms, construction companies, insurance and professional services.

The city must cut its losses and move on. If the bleeding is not stopped, millions more in taxpayer dollars will be wasted on a project that may never come to fruition.

Public input is key in determining what to do next. I encourage you to join me in urging the mayor and City Council to docket this issue in early 2007 so that we can begin having a public dialogue about realistic options for the existing downtown library and the proposed library site.


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