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San Diego County supervisors unanimously confirmed Bob Watkins to the airport authority’s executive committee yesterday. Watkins was nominated by Sheriff William Kolender for the seat that pays $150,000 annually.

The new board meets Friday at 9 a.m. to swear in its new members and appoint its chairman. Many expect Bersin to be appointed as chairman. Bersin has stepped down from his post as state education secretary to accept the full-time job on the executive committee.

Watkins said he will not leave his position as chairman and CEO of the executive search company he runs. Watkins said he does not yet know whether his executive board position needs a full-time effort. He will take the $150,000 annual salary. His predecessor, William D. Lynch, eschewed the salary.

“I’m trying to be fair,” Watkins said. “It’s not about the money as a need, it’s about the money as a value for time.”

Xema Jacobson, the other executive committee member, is still awaiting word from the governor about the future of her seat. Unless the governor appoints someone else in the meantime, her term will run 90 days beyond its Dec. 4 expiration.


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