City Attorney Mike Aguirre today informed Superior Court Judge Jeffrey Barton of his intent to formally object to a decision that last week struck down nearly all of the city attorney’s $900 million legal challenge.

Barton ruled that two previous legal settlements entered into by the city in 2000 and 2004 effectively protected a lion’s share of the benefits Aguirre sought to void.

Aguirre issued this quote in a press release:

“The City does not have the money to pay for these pension benefits. If they are not reduced, residents will eventually be paying through higher taxes and service cuts for the pensions of City employees whose unions brokered illegal deals for them.”

The formal objection is a way to appeal the judge’s decision to the appeals court. Only a final decision by a judge can be formally appealed. The case is ongoing, as Barton’s ruling dealt with only the first stage of a three-phase trial.


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