For this week’s sampling of YouTube posts featuring the San Diego region, I picked a short one starring Vista.

Now, water mains break all over the world, in all kinds of regions. But I can’t help but cringe every time I see it happen (and is it just me or are they happening a lot lately?) here.

This is a 12-second video and look at how much water must have spewed in just that short time. We live in a very dry area and our next few decades worth of news will undoubtedly feature more and more dramas about how we’re trying to get more water, conserve what we have of it and perhaps fight with people who don’t want to share it with us.

I’m sure that the amount of water we lose in breaks like this one isn’t comparable to the amount we waste other ways, but I’m still curious. Somebody out there surely knows. How much of our most precious imported resource flooding into the street?


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