Seems the Mike Aguirre hate-club might have a point. If the city attorney’s staff wasn’t just swearing but was also not cooperating with a judge’s order, then that, indeed, is questionable conduct. I’ll see if I can find out tomorrow if that’s the case.

As reader ST, a wise city employee, put it in an e-mail:

I have sent errant e-mails (no obscenities) and I have gotten them. This happens. And if the Attorney’s office cooperated as requested, then I don’t have a problem with it. It’s up to Aguirre to decide who he hires and fires and hires (I think that’s McGrath’s record, isn’t it?)  But when you read the intervenors statement, I think the problem is the Attorney’s office didn’t cooperate and perhaps the e-mails from McGrath show why.

OK. I understand that. I’m not going to get fired up about foul language (Although I’m sure nobody ever cursed in the City Attorney’s Office before Aguirre took it over.) But I can’t just tell them to get over it if there’s a legitimate complaint about non-cooperation with a judge’s order.

But reader ST’s comments bring me to another point. I decided to allow you guys to comment at the end of these posts. Just follow the click below and have at it. You can comment multiple times. But don’t try to change your screen name to make it look like you’re more than one person — we’ll cull those out. And no unsubstantiated accusations and personal attacks, blah blah blah. Though, if they’re directed at me, personally, I’ll be more lenient.

Don’t stop sending me the emails though. I enjoy it and I can get your feedback in other ways, like I have before. This is just a way to open it up a bit.

Finally, the cops running the Police Officers Association have been pretty up front, accessible and sincere about this video that really got to me the other day. So I’ll leave that alone for a while trusting they’ll pull that commercial off of their site as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading. I’ve been doing this for more than six months now and interacting with readers has been one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done — even when you guys don’t like me so much. Let’s have some more fun.


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