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If you missed Editor’s Roundtable this morning, you have got to listen to it. I’m sorry, you have no choice. It was classic. Mike Aguirre called in and got into an argument with U-T Editorial Page Editor Bob Kittle. Here’s the link. The discussion of interest began as one about U.S. attorneys and ended as one about four-letter words. The whole U.S. attorney discussion begins at about minute 22:00 if you want to find it quick.

Host Gloria Penner asked Kittle about the fact that although Kittle and the U-T had written that attorney Pat Shea was basically angling for the job of U.S. attorney, Shea said he didn’t want the job nor would he take it.

How did Kittle respond?

“Pat Shea’s name was bandied about earlier this week and I spoke with him and he expressed quite a bit of interest in the position earlier in the week as the editorial pointed out,” Kittle said in one of the less explosive moments of show.

I talked to Pat Shea again this afternoon and he said he never discussed his personal interest, or lack thereof, in filling the position of U.S. Attorney with Kittle. He said he was “interested” in how the position would get filled — as are a lot of people around the country.

As for the explosive parts of the rest of the show? Pat laughed.

“I have no idea how I got thrown into this dogfight. All I did was take a call from Bob Kittle. I didn’t say a thing about wanting to be U.S. Attorney,” Shea said.


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