To Billy Bob Henry, who writes:

Sorry Joan- Your propaganda won’t worj here. #2- workers do not pay into the system-the City “Picks Up” THEIR portion of the payment- so the city pays twice-not the workers. #4-City worklers OPTED OUT of SS-in favor of a “Cadillac” pension plan-how can I do that?..opps I can’t-my bad. #5-yes you are correct-City workers do retire after 30 years-every other American retires after 47 years in the work force. The average cop/FF retirement is 50K+/year, (average SS check=$1,300)-where can I sign up for that?…opps, I can’t. My bad. Give it a rest Joan.

If you have a job (other than daily blogging), your employer ought to be providing you with a pension. You don’t seem equipped to manage your own retirement fund. And do you really want a 67-year-old firefighter responding to your 911 call to rescue your three cats?

To Erik and Billy Bob: You’re still attacking the workers, but the city is still saving money on SPSP over SS, especially with our blue-collar employees living paycheck to paycheck. We can’t all afford to contribute more than the mandatory three percent, so the city saves up to 3.05 percent compared to SS’s mandatory 6.5 percent. If the city wants to offer us SS, we’ll take it!

And don’t forget — our retirement is negotiated in a package with salary. We get comparatively lower salaries in exchange for an average retirement. Target your wrath to the folks at the top at City Hall, not the rank-and-file workers.

To Not Buyin’ It, who wrote:

We have e-coli in our drinking water, dump millions of gallons of raw sewage in the ocean, violate State and Federal clean water regs, are locked out of the bond market, created billions of dollars of unaffordable debt, intentionally underfunded the pension and knowingly overcharged the little guy for water/sewer rates. unfortunately, these decisions were made by city employees and implemented by city employees. And, the results of this disaster will crush taxpayers for generations to come.

Next you’ll be blaming our soldiers in Iraq for making bullet holes. The pension fund is recovering with help from our workers’ pay cut. San Diegans pay lower taxes and fees than any other large city in the state. The taxpayers are getting a good deal from our workers. Our infrastructure is crumbling thanks to run-away-development. Blue collar workers aren’t the ones making the decisions at the top. We’re following orders. We ARE the little guy. More later.


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