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Wow. I didn’t expect this little comment that I posted yesterday from Fred Sainz, Mayor Jerry Sanders’ spokesman, to start off a mini-controversy. But it did.

This just came in from Chris Zapata, city manager of National City, who was referenced in Sainz’ comments:

I am a bit puzzled by the recent comments from Fred Sainz , the spokesperson for Mayor Sanders, in your column this morning. Perhaps there is another National City Manager with whom the City of San Diego has been working with “closely and collaboratively” because that has not been the case with me. The clear purpose of Mayor Morrison’s letter to Mayor Sanders and others was an invitation to establish such a dialogue on this important regional issue where none has existed to date. While it may be accurate for San Diego to state that “nothing’s off the table” it is important to recognize that “nothing is on the table” either. The San Diego Chargers are a regional asset and retaining them in our community will require a regional solution. National City has provided a site and sound business reasons to begin formal discussions and we are encouraged that the City of San Diego is amenable to participating in those discussions.


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