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Thursday, March 1, 2007 | If you really want my phone number, email yours and I’ll call you.

I operate www.FamilyLawCourts.com and am more than tired of the con of the Family Justice Center.

see http://www.FamilyLawCourts.com/domestic.html

However, I’m tired of this political discourse.

Frankly let’s get real. San Diego is at peace with its corruption.

So what’s say we stop pretending otherwise?

San Diegans shouldn’t complain if they keep electing crooks.

If you remember, Sanders said he expected to spend most of his time in Washington lobbying.

The water rates are a demonstration the city will make the residents pay for electing crooks at the worst; stupid people at the least.

And let us remember the father of deregulation of electrical power Steve Peace.

San Diego is a city at peace (no pun intended) with its finely honed corruption.

Anyone watching city council meetings can see the same people stating the obvious. From Jarvis Ross and others, while the council looks bored.

It ain’t gonna change until the lot are arrested. But the U.S. Attorney’s office is doing what, exactly?

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