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The Police Department is warning San Diego residents about a group of burglars who have been targeting elderly people in a series of burglaries that started in western division and have spread elsewhere.

According to the release:

In several of the cases, white or Hispanic men are traveling through neighborhoods and using a ruse to gain entry into residences where elderly individuals live. The suspects knock on the door of a residence and ask for a glass of water. While they are distracting the resident, another suspect goes inside the home, directly to the master bedroom and steals jewelry and other items from the bedroom. The suspects have also knocked on doors and indicated that they were working in the area and that they broke a water pipe in the resident’s backyard. They ask the resident to come into the backyard to survey the damage. When the resident is distracted by the first suspect, another suspect goes inside and steals items from the home.

Recently the team of burglars has tried a new tack:

The victims in the most recent cases tell detectives that two women come to the door and ask the resident to allow their son (male 8 to 10 years of age) to use the restroom. While inside, the women steal items from the home.

The suspects in the series of burglaries are described as men in their 20s and 30s and two women with brown hair. The team may be using a two-tone American-made van or a primer-gray colored sports utility vehicle.

The western division stretches from North Park to Point Loma.

Anyone with information on these cases is urged to call Detective Dan Roman at western division (619) 692-4818 or northern division at (858) 552-1700.


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