I was browsing on Officer.com and I came across this message board post by a police officer on the East Coast who a couple of years ago was thinking about moving to Southern California. Though the post is pretty old (late 2005 and early 2006), I think the responses are still worth a look. It’s remarkable how many of them still ring true today.

Here are a few examples:

“GB0610” writes in favor of our city:

After having lived in both cities, it really is a no-brainer. I grew up in SD and started my LE career in LA. If I ever move back to LA, it will be too soon. There a FAR TO MANY reasons to list why LA is a bummer. SD is a great city, America’s finest, to be exact. That’s why everybody moves there.

You will have an easier time getting hired by a PD while living in LA County simply because there are more departments. But if you are already on the job or have a impressive resume, you should find it not too difficult in either place. But that obviously depends on you.

The cost of living is just about the same. You’ll be hurting either way.

Simply put, I see no reason why anyone would like LA over SD.

“nobody 33” agrees with that assessment, but mentions that the pay in San Diego isn’t so great:

The pay in San Diego sucks, for pretty much all the agencies. I’ve decided I’m ok with that. San Diego is a better city, it’s a “red” county politically, and the departments still let cops be cops. LA agencies, and OC agencies have weird knee-jerk policies in many cases, and all have a lot of pressure from the ACLU, which SD doesn’t have so much of.

“willowdared” has other opinions. He or she wrote (in 2005):

Now is NOT the time to consider SDPD – not while the financial situation of the city is in disarray.

“nobody 33” has a response:

I work for SDPD, the pay is not very good but top step is still better than a lot of agencies (including SDSO).

As for the financial situation, yeah it doesn’t look good for several years, but public safety will likely be protected, and there is a strong POA here.

San Diego and LA have totally different cultures, SDPD is very laid back compared to agencies up north.

I wonder what cops are saying right now, after their recent new contract?


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