You might have noticed yesterday the stories that appeared around the country about newspaper circulation.

The Los Angeles Times wrote a story and discussed its own circulation drop.

The North County Times wrote a story and discussed its own mixed performance.

We had a little blurb.

And the Union-Tribune? The local paper decided not to write about the news, electing instead to run an Associated Press wire account on its website.

Here’s the AP story — you’ll notice it didn’t have any information on the U-T’s circulation.

Although it did have this:

The Dallas Morning News, owned by Belo Corp., posted a 14.3 percent decline to 411,919, reporting for the first time since being censured in 2004 for misstating its circulation figures. The newspaper is the 11th-largest in the U.S., according to the report.

The Dallas numbers were more important to share with San Diegans than those of the U-T?

The U-T’s declining circulation is nothing to celebrate. It’s a problem that no one in our industry is happy about. But you can’t solve a problem if you don’t acknowledge it.


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