When I sat down with her a few weeks ago, San Diego Unified School District board member Mitz Lee said she would decide by the end of the month whether she will run for the District 5 City Council seat next year.

Today, she made it official: She’s in.

Here’s what she said:

A simple answer: On June 4, I’m going to form a committee for Mitz Lee for City Council, and then put the team together, and talk to the District 5 community and really address the needs and all of the pressing issues that they have in the district.

Lee will be running to replace termed-out Councilman Brian Maienschein. Both are Republicans.

Perhaps hoping to preempt criticism that followed another school-board-member-turned-City-Council-candidate Luis Acle in 2006, Lee said she remained fully committed to her current position:

Of course, I’m 100 percent working for the city schools. That’s not an issue that’s going to the wayside.

If you’re also planning on running, give us a call or e-mail.


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