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Monday, June 4, 2007 | Jerry Sanders and his staff are worse than Dick Murphy and his. Sanders is a big bag of hot air continually embarrassing the citizens of San Diego. For him to tell the citizens he didn’t know the details of the Sunroad construction doesn’t wash. Why not? He is supposed to have surrounded himself with the best of the best, Froman, Waring, etc … I’m sure they communicated with him. Unfortunately, Sanders et. al. do not want to shake the developer tree for the obvious reasons.

Thank God, Donna Frye and Mike Aguirre are still in the picture or this city would be in the throes of chaos.

Sanders, if you read this, do what you’ve been told to do by Frye. Stop grandstanding and go to work. Get rid of Waring, straighten out DSD, and start thinking about the needs of the citizens. It’s time. Or get out of office so someone can work there who cares about the citizens.

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