City Attorney Mike Aguirre today said the city government can remove the top 20 feet of the Sunroad Enterprises building near Montgomery Field airport if the company fails to comply with an order to do so.

At a press conference this afternoon, Aguirre pointed to areas in the city’s municipal code that he claims allow the city to enter the company’s property and reconfigure the building so it complies with the Federal Aviation Administration’s 160-foot height limit. Sunroad would be forced to pay for it, he said.

Aguirre likened the move to one that is used against inner city property owners whose vacant buildings become nuisances by housing drug activity and posing fire dangers.

Such an order would have to be signed by Mayor Jerry Sanders. Aguirre said he has not yet talked to Sanders about this proposal, but said he was optimistic.

“Even though the mayor and I are not on the very best terms, we certainly have the same commitment to get the building down,” Aguirre said.

The developer could appeal the order to the Development Services Department under the municipal code, Aguirre said.


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