Karen Hutchens, the spokeswoman for Sunroad, did follow up with me yesterday saying that she refuses to provide any substantiation for her allegation that the city told Sunroad to stop sending over money to pay for the city’s fire helicopter.

She won’t say who from the city supposedly communicated to Sunroad that the company’s money was no longer welcome at City Hall. She just wants the whole back and forth with the mayor’s office to be over.

I told her she’s the one who made the initial allegation. Perhaps she’s interested in providing proof that it was true.

Thing is, Hutchens is upset.

You’ll remember she started this all by telling the news staff here that the city had told Sunroad to stop sending over money as part of a long-term partnership that would help the city pay for its lone fire-rescue helicopter. Hutchens said this:

“We are right here at the beginning of the fire season, and the Mayor’s Office has asked Sunroad to stop its fundraising activities,” said company spokeswoman Karen Hutchens.

Now, how are we supposed to interpret that quote? She’s alleging the mayor is cutting off the funding for a fire-rescue helicopter right before San Diego enters a fire season that everyone says has the potential to be brutal. The implications are that the mayor is choosing to let the city burn, right?

She was mad about how I twisted her quote that way in this post. She didn’t actually say that the mayor wanted to let the city burn down, she complained.

And now she said she is so upset with me she “absolutely” refuses to provide any substantiation for her claim that the mayor’s staff told Sunroad to stop sending money to pay for the helicopter.

I have to give her a 10 on that excuse.


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