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Friday, July 6, 2007 | Although my fellow taxpayers grow weary of recent MiraCosta Community College Board actions I urge continued attentiveness to details. The inclination to paint the entire Board with a broad swath is neither accurate nor fair.

The board minority members (Gloria Carranza, Jackie Simon, and Judy Stratton) have been diligent in their scrutiny, courageous in their speech and action, and noble in their roles.

Even after being bullied and treated with disdain by the board’s majority, these three continue to speak and vote in support of righting erroneous board actions and of pursuing academic excellence. They have been on the short end of countless “four-to-three” votes as they try to stop the runaway train that has carried MiraCosta so far down the wrong path.

The “bath water” does need to be thrown out … but not the “baby!”

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