The purpose of this discussion is to ask: Do you feel that the residents of Pacific Beach are being good stewards of your beach community?

We all share the beautiful beaches and parks of San Diego equally. However, as a resident of Pacific Beach, I and many others feel a responsibility towards the residents of San Diego, our guests from Arizona and around the world to help maintain Pacific Beach as a clean, safe and fun environment. I don’t think we as a community have achieved the level of cleanliness and safety that I believe our guests or, your family and loved ones deserve.

Over the last many years, Pacific Beach, has earned many dubious distinctions centered around alcohol. That is, Pacific Beach has more drunk driving arrests, alcohol-related citations, vehicle accidents, many alcohol-related petty crimes as well as deaths than any other community in San Diego. This is not a distinction I am proud of and I’m wondering what you think.

Party Town or ‘Entertainment District’ Reputation

Many young people see PB as the  place to come, get plastered-drunk out of their minds and then head back to their own homes. We have an over-abundance of alcohol licensees — both in bars as well as package stores. Although summer is the busiest season, we still have year-round house parties, pub crawls and many bar-sponsored events; some centered around holidays while others just created to help generate sales for the bars.

Alcohol marketing is everywhere. Billboards, signs and banners on bar and liquor store storefronts, in our supermarkets, airplane banners, scooters, billboard-trucks; all promoting everything from beer to hard liquor.

Crime and Safety

I often wonder how safe people feel in PB. We have had a number of stabbings, fights, assaults, a sharp increase in rapes — many, if not most, taking place by participants under the influence of alcohol.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that if thousands of people are drinking during the day at the beach, in house parties and for an evening on Mission Blvd. or Garnet Ave. bars, or a combination of these three, many people are driving under the influence of alcohol, and many, many over the legal limit.

Many quality-of-life crimes, which are experienced every week by many PB residents, especially those closer to the beach, include people going to the bathroom in our yards, consistent levels of alcohol and food container litter,  people yelling, car stereos blasting, un-ending house parties, graffiti, vandalism, broken windows … the list goes on and on. Does this happen in your neighborhood?

Many good residents of PB have left for other more calm destinations around San Diego. Many other good residents of San Diego wouldn’t step foot in PB because of the party-town climate.

Are we in the business of repelling good responsible citizens, and keeping away shoppers, guests and friends because we are so concerned with maintaining the extremely liberal alcohol-tolerant environment? Or, do we want to temper our alcohol-climate so that everyone can visit their beach community in relative safety and comfort?


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