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In an e-mail sent to current and former students Monday, University of California, San Diego, said its books were being audited by the Internal Revenue Services.

The e-mail said:

UCSD is currently undergoing a payroll audit being conducted by the Internal Revenue Service. As part of the audit, the IRS will require UCSD to provide computer accessible records for all payroll, accounts payable, student accounting, and other financial transactions processed by the campus in 2005. The purpose of the audit is to confirm that UCSD properly reported and withheld tax in connection with taxable payments it made in 2005. The IRS is auditing the UCSD campus only; not you as an individual.

In a statement, university spokeswoman Dolores Davies confirmed that an audit was taking place, though she said she had few other details:

All I know at this point is that we are being audited by the IRS and it appears that the focus is on payroll data. This is really not all that unusual as the IRS conducts audits on large organizations periodically in the same way that it audits individuals.

Check back later for more details.


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