I want to thank everyone for taking time to weigh in on this important issue.  As we have seen here today the topic is both profound and heated.  While we may not agree on everything, one thing I think all of us can agree on is this: If it wasn’t for union intransigence with a well documented history behind it, Gaylord would be moving forward with this project and letting the chips fall where they may with regards to the environmental process.  Judging by their successful track record around the country building such massive projects this would have been successful.  For now we have nothing, not 8000 jobs, not hundreds of millions of dollars into our local economy, not an eyesore turned into a gem.  Nothing.   Way to look out for those working men and women union leaders.

As all but the most deluded know, one just needs to look for the union-leader label to know where to place the blame.

Have a wonderful weekend.


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