Twenty-four environmental organizations have called on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to oppose an effort by Senate Republicans to curtail the attorney general’s push to have California cities mitigate growth’s impacts on global warming.

The Republicans, who have stalled passage of the state budget, say they want assurances that Brown’s threatened lawsuits over global warming will not be filed. One suit has been filed this year — breaking new ground — against San Bernardino County. Brown’s office has also been critical of San Diego’s long-term growth plan, saying it doesn’t do enough to reduce its impacts on climate change.

The Attorney General’s Office is responsible for approving such plans to ensure they’re compliant with state environmental law.

Environmental groups, including San Diego Coastkeeper, urged Schwarzenegger to publicly oppose the Republican effort:

We ask that you speak out publicly against this outrageous demand and any other attempt to roll back California’s efforts to fight global warming.


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