From my mobile home story this morning, a few bits that lost their way:

  • Linda Brannon-Blair, the homeowner in the photos for the story, has major ties to that neighborhood. Among the family members that live or have lived within a mile or so of the mobile home park in Linda Vista: her mom, dad and grandparents. Her grandma’s 92. Said Brannon-Blair yesterday afternoon, when I met her at her home in the park:

I have roots to molten lava here.

  • One of the residents in the park has his own street sweeping machine, which he uses to keep the neighborhood clean.
  • Councilwoman Donna Frye, whose District 6 includes the Linda Vista Village, said yesterday evening she doesn’t agree with phasing out mobile home parks from the region. She doesn’t agree with the land-use framework that would label as “better” anything higher or denser.

I personally don’t agree with that. [Mobile home parks] are a terrific way to have a really good community. They create housing opportunities for folks, a little open space, maybe a clubhouse where they can meet, have classes. It becomes a family.


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